Giving birth in Ireland

During Covid, having connected virtually to a group of birth activists who were as fired up about the restrictions on birth partners in maternity units, we organised national protests. We also decided we wanted to work together on a consistent basis – and thus; the Irish Birth Movement was born.

We are mothers, doulas, academics, midwives, partners and all share a common dream to revolutionise birth culture on the island of Ireland.

Our first book, ‘Giving Birth in Ireland’ in going to print in Spring of 2024, and will be available in a limited number of stockists once ready. “What does every pregnant woman need to know about giving birth in Ireland?

This book is for all those who give birth in Ireland, and those supporting them. Written by midwives, doulas, mothers and birth partners, this book explains how the maternity system in Ireland works, what the options are, and what it really feels like to birth in this country, whether in the hospital or at home.

If you’ve given birth before, this is the kind of book that you wish you’d read before you had your baby, and which you should read now to make sense of your experience. If you’re a first-time parent, this is the book you need to read before you, or your partner, give(s) birth. If you are a midwife or a doctor or anyone caring for pregnant people and new mothers in Ireland, this book will help you serve them better.

The authors are not afraid to tackle uncomfortable truths about the failings of the Irish maternity system, but they also share stories of hope and joy. When you’ve read the book, you’ll know your options, and you’ll be on your way to a positive, empowered birth.”

Get in touch at to join us or find out more or how to get your hands on a copy of our book!