Silent Birds

I supported a dear Sister, Aryan Ashory collate a series of her poems into a digital collection which she sold in order to raised awareness and much needed funds for her ethnic group, the Hazara, who exist in perpetual risk in Afghanistan under the Taliban.

Poems of feminism & resistance
Raising awareness & funds for Hazara students

Hazara are an ethnic minority community in Afghanistan. For many years now, Hazara students have become a bullseye for the Taliban in every corner of Afghanistan. In schools, gyms, buses, public spaces, shopping centres, and even on the streets. Nowhere is safe.

Targeting them even while studying in a centre where hundreds of young teenagers are trying their best to build their life and their country. Trying their best to not die uneducated.

The Hazara community are poor, but do their best to send their children to school, even when they barely have enough money to survive. Still, the Taliban hunts them and tries to steal their hope away.

I am myself Hazara and I am proud of it, because we, as a community do not have a lot economically, but we are resilient and determined to forge a better future for the next generation.

I have left my Motherland behind, in order to be safe. But somehow, I ended up stuck in a life behind walls and fences in Europe too. I feel the pain of the young people trapped under the Taliban.

The only reason that I decided to open this donation is, give a small hope for some of them to recover.

They are the light of our future and only hope for a brighter Afghanistan in the future.

About Aryan

I am Aryan Ashory. I am an 18-year-old girl from Afghanistan; the country where thousands of students disappear between explosions and bombs in a bloody life. I am not any more in my homeland, but my heart and my thoughts are with my Dears brothers and sisters who are.

It has been years I have left Afghanistan and become a refugee, which still my future is flying on the sky.

I am writing poems in 4 languages in Dari, English, Greek and Deutsch. These are the languages I have learned on my Asylum Journey – not a voluntary vacation, a coerced path. I am making documentary animation films about my life as a refugee in Europe and lives of millions others like me, disappeared in Refugee camps.

Despite all the difficulties that I have, or I face in my life, I paint the beauties of the nature around myself. Creating is something that makes me feel glimpses of happiness, because where I live – life has no meaning; life has no good smell; life has no hope. So, we must try to inject it ourselves. So I take my colours and brush and paint something. Or I take out my notepad and I write poems that themselves paint pictures in the mind. I bring colors to myself and my life.

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